What we believe

We believe, based on God’s Word, that prayer is meant to be both enjoyable and sustainable.  Proven research shows that spiritual growth happens when believers have a relational connection with God.  In addition this same research shows that those who grow closest to Christ become the best evangelists, servants and givers, i.e. disciples.

What we do

During each meeting we spend an extended time in worship. After that, we take time to pray for those in the meeting, our families, our leaders, and then the nations. By praying in this order we are building ourselves up in our “most holy faith” (Jude 20).  After spending time in worship and prayer, our hearts are ready to receive His Word.

For more information regarding the School of Prayer, please email tom@gracearlington.com

School of Prayer

Did you know that 96% of believers struggle to find prayer to be anything more than a duty or an obligation? Furthermore, research shows that fewer than 1 in 30 churches have one corporate prayer meeting per week.  If pressed, many who attend would say they attend out of obligation.

Using outdated prayer models has left many of those who do pray dry and discouraged.

Our School of Prayer meetings are saturated with live worship from beginning to end. We believe that worship is prayer. By spending solid time in worship, the Presence of God is poured upon us and we enjoy freedom and power to pray for the things on God’s heart. This makes prayer a joy-filled experience (Is. 56:7).